Apr 7, 2011

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Worst way to start a pick up line

Want to know the worst way to start off a pick up line… call her “Honey!” A girlfriend and I were talking about men who call women “Honey, Sugar and Babe.” She wanted to know How to respond to something that seems so crude. I told her to respond with “Hi Dick or How ya doing Dick? How you feeling, Dick? What’s that on your face, Dick.” I thought it was funny but it doesn’t solve the problem. Its actually easier to tell you guys, if you’re gonna use a pick up like Don’t start it with Honey!

honey2 Worst way to start a pick up line

Even if a woman is interested in you, nobody wants to be called Honey by a stranger. My advice to her was to just Hello and give them a name – any name. Quite frankly, a woman isn’t going to want to give you her real name because any man who refers to women as Honey and Sugar, is probably not someone you want calling you.

Seriously guys, starting any pick up line with Honey or Sugar, is not good for your image!

The real problem that Sugar and Honey are terms of endearment and should be reserved for those who are endeared. Some guys can get away with that type pick up line, but most of you can’t. For the majority of women, its more offensive than endearing.

So Gentlemen, before you try to pick up a woman by calling her Sugar or Honey, think about substituting it with something that will actually makes you look good instead of coming across as a Dick!

Man Tip: If you can’t call her by name, don’t know her name or don’t care about her name, consider calling her  “Beautiful” — very few woman object to being called Beautiful.

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