Feb 28, 2011

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Business Casual or Casualty

Don’t be fooled. Business casual is a misnomer because there’s nothing casual about business so dress up!

man in the mirror jpg1 Business Casual or Casualty

At every workshop I do, I always get a lot questions about “what exactly is business casual.” It’s a very fair question, a lot people confuse business casual with 1) stuff I already own, 2) a free pass to avoid shopping and 3) assuming that casual means nobody cares how you dress and long as you’re wearing clothes.

These three business casual trap  can stiffle your image at work. Here’s a few tips to demystify Business Casual .

  • Business casual just means that a suit and tie are not required, however you can still wear one, or at least,a sport coat.
  • Business casual means clothes don’t need to be tailored but they still need to fit! Anything sold as  Small, Medium or Large, its probably not business casual, its just casual.
  • Trousers and pants should be well cared for, not over worn, over abused and over washed.  Ideally, they should be in a  fabric that can hold its shape, so pass on cotton dockers.
  • Shoes, belts and accessories should coordinate in both formality and color.  So don’t wear dress shoes with business casual attire.

And remember the golden rule, there’s a difference between business casual and business casualty. At a minimum ask yourself… Is this really how I want to be seen?

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