Feb 9, 2011

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Valentine’s Day Tips for Men

Valentine’s Day tip for men:   Make sure you have a gift for her and make sure its in a box!

cupid 150x150 Valentines Day Tips for Men

Today on Tailored Edges, we talked about Valentine’s Day Survival Tips for guys.    But the main thing is this … you only have a few days left to go find something and put it in a box!

Forewarning:  Don’t kid yourself into thinking a card will do, cards are optional, we really want a gift … in a box.

  1. We like gifts in boxes, it’s genetic. Even if it’s a gift certificate, put in a box.
  2. You really don’t need to bother with a card. Opening a card is like opening the mail.
  3. We like pretty boxes. Take advantage of this so that you  can get credit for the box and it’s contents.
  4. The smaller the box, the better, a big box make us think robe.
  5. We don’t really like chocolate unless it comes with something in a box.
  6. Chocolate in a box doesn’t count as a gift.
  7. Household items and practical items should never go in a box. That’s mean.
  8. Avoid a mood swing, let us know early in the day that you have a gift for us.
  9. Most of the time, you can skip taking us out to dinner, as long as you got us something in a box.

Bonus Points:  After you give us the box, tell us that you hope we didn’t get you anything because 1) we probably didn’t and 2) we were waiting to see if you remembered Valentine’s Day.

On the other hand, guys, you shouldn’t be discouraged if you don’t get a Valentine’s Day gift right away, if you give a box, your “box” will come later.

In short, make it a Happy Valentine’s Day for everybody and think inside of the BOX!

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