Jan 28, 2011

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Urban Etiquette: Bathroom Tips for Men

When you gotta go, you gotta go! But when you’re away from home the rules are a little different. This  bathroom etiquette post is dedicated to my husband’s football friends , specifically the one who left something behind  – pun intended.90191389 106x150 Urban Etiquette:  Bathroom Tips for Men

First, let’s talk about difference between a restroom and a bathroom. Restrooms are public and more than likely have a commercial cleaning service. All you have to do is try to hit it and keep your eyes on your own package.

On the other hand, bathrooms and powder rooms are private, typically in a residence and do not have a daily commercial cleaning service.  They are personal and require a different kind of etiquette.  See where I’m going with this?  So ‘Why O Why’ did I walk into my powder room after my husband’s football friends left and scream “WTF, I’m not cleaning this sh!t up!”

Of course, I am going to lay into each of my husband’s football friends behind, but that’s after I print and hand them this blog post on bathroom etiquette.

May I suggest you print and post this in your bathroom, before the Superbowl!

Bathroom Etiquette for Tips for Men:

1)      Remember you’re a guest in someone’s home.

2)      Raise the seat and put it back down when you’re done or squat pee!

3)      Don’t hit the rim.  If you hit the rim, wipe it off.

4)      Wipe the rim off anyway!

5)      Crap at your own house. Unless absolutely necessary, never crap at a friends house.

6)      If you have to crap, turn on the fan, use some spray, a toilet brush… whatever you need to un-funk it up.

7)      Wash your hands and use soap. Remember you’re sharing the popcorn bowl.

8)      Wash your hands because if the sink is dry when you leave the bathroom everyone will know.

9)      Look before you leave and leave the bathroom the way you found it.

And by the way, if you’re a guest, its okay to use the guest towels. If you are not a guest, as in you live there… DON’T touch those towels, they are for guests!

In all fairness, I do need need to mention a few etiquette tips for the hostess to make things easier for your guests.

1)      Make your washroom male friendly. Keep some toilet paper on the side of the commode not just in front of it.  Remember, they are facing the other way. A roll behind the bowl wouldn’t hurt either.

2)      Keep some spray handy,  your guests really doesn’t want to stink up your house.

3)      A toilet brush is a must have.

4)      Make it easy to wash their hands. Keep both sanitizer and some soap handy.

5)      Don’t keep anything in your bathroom that you don’t want accidentally knocked in the toilet!

That ought to do it!  Print and post this on the bathroom wall before the Superbowl or you’ll be scrubbing a bowl later:)

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