Mar 23, 2011

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Manscaping: Dude, trim that bush!

Have you heard of Manscaping – the process of tidying up your body hair, both upstairs and downstairs?   Well, I’m not trying to be all in your stuff but part of a man’s personal image is his hair – all of it!


powers Manscaping: Dude, trim that bush!Recently, a reader wanted to know my thoughts on manscaping and whether its “fruity.” I don’t think its “fruity” at all. A lot of men do it, you just don’t see it, which is also the point.


Some men are okay with manscaping, others cringe at the thought. But if it looks like a small animal is sitting in your lap when you’re naked, you might want try it before you knock it.


That’s my opinion, but I took the question one step further and conducted my own unofficial survey to find out how many man are actually trimming their bush. The results are 7 out of 10 men have participated in some kind of manscaping activity.


Now, before you go thinking real men don’t trim their bush, all of the men I surveyed were real men! According to my survey, the men who do it, feel fresher and their women like the look. 


Bottom line, a lot of men and women aren’t really into bush anymore.  So, as your go-to girl for style, I would be remiss to not mention a few details if you are thinking about trying this at home.


1) Don’t do it drunk or on a dare. The outcome will be embarrassing and possibly painful.

2) Avoid using the kitchen shears. It’s rude and gross. Instead, use safety scissors with the round tip at the end.

3) Don’t go too close. You’re not trying to go prepubescent, just trim.

4) Don’t try to trim anything you can’t see. No explanation needed.

5) Avoid the home wax kit. It’s manscaping, not man ripping hair off scrotum. Wax is messy, sticky and not for amateurs. If you really get into it, and I hope you will, visit a men’s spa for the real deal.


In closing, manscaping is more common than you think. Take my word for it and my grooming tip – trim your bush!

If there’s something that you’re curious about, don’t be shy? Just ask!


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