Mar 3, 2012

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The 5 Reasons I stopped blogging (and why I might start again)

One of the reasons some people stop blogging is because they run out of new blog ideas — that’s not my case. Usually, I can think of several new blog ideas, but for some reason…  I’m still not blogging!  So I had a conversation with myself, and here are the top 5 reasons that why I  stopped blogging, along with a few for why I might start again.

no blogging 150x150  The 5 Reasons I stopped blogging (and why I might start again)

Reason No 1.  Blogging is time consuming.

In my head, I can write a blog post in ten minutes.  In reality, it’s a good hour. By the time, I write it, review it, edit it and make sure it reads well so readers don’t think I’m a dumbass, I’ve invested a good hour or two. Now I realize that all bloggers start off this way and it gets easier over time.

Reason No 2.  I have no technical skill.

My computers skills are limited to twitter and Word. Blogs need maintenance, coding and a basic understanding of some tech stuff. Plus, I want my blog to look pretty and be cool. So, despite being able to tweet like a mofo,  I don’t possess any technical skills.  That means that every time I hit a roadblock I would have to either google it, call someone for help and usually pay for that help. Now I realize that  just like everything else that’s new to you, there is a learning curve and most bloggers go through the same thing.

Reason No 3.   Blogging costs money.

Sure, the space of the internet may be free but as you can tell from reason No. 1 and 2, there’s other stuff to consider.  Not to mention, that despite of all the blog success stories that I’ve heard, my blog hasn’t generated a penny. Its true, I gave myself a little test, 60 days to make $1 with my blog and guess what… NADA! And, even though I never intended for my blog to be a money maker, a penny for my effort would be nice.  Now, I realize that a only a handful of blogs make more than a penny.

Reason No 4. My blog only has a few comments.

So, I’m not feeling the blog love.  Each week, sometimes a few times a week, I painstakingly work on blog post and no one commented. Not only is it discouraging, it made me wonder… Am I not popular, Is anyone reading blog or worse … Am I boring? Now I realize that just because there are few comments on my blog, it’s still being shared on other social media platforms.

Reason No 5.  I bought a horse.

During warm weather,  most of my spare time is spent on my horse or learning how to stay on my horse. Now, I realize that while its winter, freezing cold and muddy at the stable, I have more time to write.

So there you have it, my reasons for why I stopped blogging, along with a few reasons why I should blog.

Even though things aren’t quite perfect, I still think blogging is a great way to express  my thoughts and connect with other people. So I might start blogging again but I’m going to need your help.

If there is something you want me to write about, let me know.  If you like something I wrote about … leave a comment. That way I’ll know you’re out there. You can also use the tweet button, share buttons, send me a message or tweet me @robinwalker.

Has a similar thing happened to you? Do you blog or normally leave comments on a blog? Am I the only one wrestling with my blog?

  • Thatwritingchic

    Interestingly, I have stopped blogging for all of the above readers plus one more: I tweet. Twitter gives me instant response, no matter when I tweet. It happens in real time and I have even learned which times will get the most retweets, favorites an replies. In fact, I came to this blog post because you tweeted out the link. Will I ever blog again? I am sure. When? I don’t know. With the twitter limitation of 140 characters it’s easier to edit as I go along and typos are forgivable when you are on a roll. I also felt like no one was reading due to the lack of comments. But it is also far more convenient to tweet from virtually anywhere on a phone than it is to do a blog post! Best to you and thank you for your honesty!

  • Robin Walker

     Thanks Thatwritingchic!  I tweet too and noticed that some people will comment about a blog post on twitter instead of on the blog. Either way, I’m glad people are tweeting about it but it makes my blog look lonely:( Thanks for posting on my blog!

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