Dec 5, 2011

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Robin Reviews the Norelco SensoTouch 3D

The good folks at Phillips Norelco asked me to test out their latest electric razor, the Norelco SensoTouch 3D.  My first thought was “Sure, I love reviewing mens products  – both on myself AND on men.”

1205111643571 189x300 Robin Reviews the Norelco SensoTouch 3DThe first order of business was to find an easily accessible man who hates to shave. That wasn’t too difficult – I live with one. The second order of business was to bribe him into shaving.  That was easy too, in part because the SensoTouch 3D razor looks like a really cool high tech gadget and because of this, it negated me having to perform sexual favors in exchange for data.

After a quick charge, I followed my husband closely and intently into the bathroom to perform the dirty deed.

Results:  A smooth, easy, close shave. My husband liked the way he looked and I liked the way he felt.

The big kudos for the SensoTouch is it’s wet/dry technology, followed by it’s three floating heads and built in trimmer.

Being able to use a foam or a gel with an electric razor makes all the difference in the world for someone who really hates to shave and for you ‘sensitive’ types.  My husband experienced no irritation at all.  The floating head makes for a thorough shave and the built in trimmer simplifies the finish.

Here’s a few other observations worth mentioning:

It’s a complete system. It arrived in a big box and there are a few accessories like the jet cleaning system. The jet cleaning system is a little bulky for the counter but luckily, its something you need to use every time so put it under the sink and use the stand for every day. Also, its really easy to clean, even without the system.

Skip the big ass instruction booklet. Or just read it at your leisure, instead go straight to the Quick Set Up Guide.

The charge is sweet. We took it on vacation for 3 weeks and the husband shaved three times a week and it never needed recharging.

Its waterproof. Use it anywhere, including the shower, the handle has a nice grip on it and its not going to slip.

It’s a little pricey. That being said, consider purchasing it as a present for yourself.  You’ll like the shaving results and she’ll like not seeing him not look like a bum. Or ladies, just by it for your man.

Bottom line: If RoboCop had a razor, it would be the Norelco SensoTouch 3D . Its effective, easy to use, has some cool features and worth the few extra dollars for a high tech shaving experience.

Interested? Check it out the Norelco SensoTouch here and use this link.  I need the shoe money!

And if you’re wondering if I used it too – YES, I did!  I won’t tell you where but lets just say I’m not the only woman who uses her husband’s razor… when he’s not looking.

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