Apr 22, 2011

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Every Man needs a little P*sse

Most other men wont tell you, because its really none of your business, but if you want a personal image that exudes confidence, charisma and charm – you might want to get a little posse on the side! posse Every Man needs a little P*sse

Chances are your posse isn’t going to look like the Pussycat Dolls, but nonetheless, successful men always have a posse. I call it “The Style Posse” and at a minimum, it consists of a tailor, a barber and me.

A Personal Tailor:

A personal tailor helps any man look good in his off the rack clothes. If I’m purchasing off the rack clothing, my first stop is always to the tailor for a personal tweaking session. Unlike a custom tailor (like me) a personal tailor is skilled at altering existing garments.  Off the rack clothing, no matter how expensive is not one of a kind and usually requires some tweaking to best fit the wearer.

Just to be clear, the little lady working behind the counter at the dry cleaners is not the kind of tailor I’m speaking of. She/he is great for hems, buttons and rips on a seam.  I’m referring to a personal tailor who is skilled in deconstructing and reconstructing garments. This is an art form that is best done by someone who understands your body line, the garment and what can be tailored without changing the integrity of the garment.

The Barber:

As with the tailor, the same principles apply to a barber.  Your barber needs to be trained both hair, style, line and design.  Hair can be just ‘cut’ as a pair of trousers are just ‘hemmed’. If you sit in a barber’s chair and hear “how would you like your haircut today” get up!  A personal barber rarely asks, because he knows.

A personal barber who you see regularly listens, makes suggestions and will let you know when it’s time for a change. Your barber will know when your hair cut and style start to age you or when your eyebrows are making you look sinister and he’ll take care of it, no questions asked. And, he’s won’t let you leave all jacked up because.

A Personal Image Consultant and Confidant:

Next comes me, your personal stylist, personal image consultant and confidant.  My role is to pull it all together and get every one of the same page – your page!

A personal image consultant takes all the major players and pieces that form your personal image and manage it to your personal brand. My job is to keep it together so people aren’t playing renegade with your personal style and to make sure that you’re always in control of your image impression. Its called an image strategy and its done by helping you create and/or maintain your personal image by being consistent, providing objective feedback and tailoring your image to your message.  It involves planning, coordinating and implementing a one of a kind image strategy that sets you apart and ahead of the rest while you’re out ruling the world.

A tailor, a barber and a personal image consultant are just a few people you want in your Style Posse,  who else would you add to yours and why?

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