Feb 28, 2011

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Oscars Best and Worst Dressed Men

The verdict is in on the 2011 Oscars and Justin Timberlake wins as best dressed man but that doesn’t surprise me. Growing up in the industry and starring in a boy band, Timberlake knows image is everything. Timberlake played it safe and won. He was a good hanger.jt2 206x300 Oscars Best and Worst Dressed Men

Personally, I  was much more interested in Russell Brand, who apparently, according to Esquire is the 2011 Oscars Worst Dressed Man. While the Oscars might not be the best place to take a risk, I admire that Brand stayed true to  his rocker, comedian style.

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Granted it was a little weird, I still wouldn’t put Brand as first on the worst dressed list,  I’d put all the guys who wore crooked bow ties before him.

But I digress,  my point is simple … not everybody wants to be a penguin and in Brand’s case, he’s an entertainer not a movie star, its a payday every time he stands out.  Try to imagine Howard Stern in a regular ole tuxedo without any kind of spin and you’ll see what I mean.

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