Jan 2, 2011

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A is for Awesome

If you want to do something different in 2011, here’s a tip – Be Awesome!   Think about this … most of people aim for good, some people aim for better, but very few people  aim for Awesome. This lifestance is actually good because it leaves the door wide open for the rest of us to look and be better than the next guy.

Awesome Image 300x240 A is for Awesome

Personally, I think that anyone can be awesome, it just takes a little bit of effort. Here’s what I’d tell a client who is working on  being awesome.

Step 1: Find your inner awesome.

To be awesome you must possess a unique and redeeming quality that make you different (and better) than the next guy.  You need to know specifically what makes you so dayum awesome so that you can live it and breathe it everyday. It needs to be something that you do better than anyone and can apply it to just about anything.

What’s your inner awesome?

Step 2: Project your awesomeness.

If you want to be awesome, you can be shy. Awesome men design their destiny, so look for opportunities to project your inner awesome. Apply your awesome to something good, better or totally out of the ordinary. Trust that thorough your actions other people will see your awesome and spread the word, hence furthering your image of awesome.

What can you do to show people you’re awesome?

Step 3:
Look awesome.

To be awesome you have to look awesome.  Its hard to be awesome looking all “jacked up”.  Update your style to the state of awesome. If you’ve been wearing the same stuff all year, update your style to the state of awesome. Either contact me for a style intervention and I’ll update your image or start working it out on your own. Changes in your appearance likes dressing better, tailored clothing, better fabrics, and developing a consistent personal style are a good place to start.
What do you need to do to look awesome?

Finally, remember that awesome people are awesome because they are proactive and project an image of success and confidence. Wake up everyday and connect to your inner awesome and make 2011 an awesome year by being … awesome!

What are you going to do to be Awesome?

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