Jun 19, 2011

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5 Easy ways to get your Mojo working

Ever wake up thinking “where the heck is my mojo?” If so, you’re not the only one. Between work, wife and kids, its easy to forget where you left it. Fortunately, the loss is usually temporary,  I help men find it all the time.  Here’s a few ways to trigger your memory and get your mojo working again.

97534592 300x199 5 Easy ways to get your Mojo working

Step 1: Dress up a little. The easiest compliment to get is one on how you look and clothes are easy to change. Creatively come up with a new shirt and tie combination or wear something that you know looks good on you.

Step 2: Buy yourself something new. New clothes can renew your energy.

Step 3: Do something that you’re good at. It can be anything and it doesn’t have to be big, you just have to do it well and better than most.

Step 4: Practice “self talk”. Tell yourself something good and mean it. Compliments are good but whenever you can say something about yourself, its even better.

Step 5: Test it! Whether its your wife, girlfriend, a toy or yourself. It’s impossible to keep your mojo working if you don’t give it a test run.

Bottom line is that mojo only works if you remember where it comes from. If you get so busy that you can’t remember where you left your mojo, take a break and give yourself a minute to find it. It’s like riding a bike, once you’ve nailed it, you never really lose it but practice makes better.

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