Feb 13, 2011

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How to wear jeans to work

These days, jeans aren’t just for weekends.  In some casual offices, its completely appropriate to wear jeans to work. But not all jeans are can make the cut.  There is a hierarchy to denim, that dictates which type of jeans are best to wear to work and which ones are best left at home.
The High Roller Black1 How to wear jeans to work
First, the style of your jeans are one of the biggest tale tell signs of whether your jeans are appropriate for work. For the most part, designer jeans that have been strategically ripped, torn, and excessively faded jeans are best kept outside of the office. A stylish pocket doesn’t hurt but when it comes to being overly embellished you might want to consider where you work. If you’re not in a creative industry, save these styles for your day off.

Second, color is another tale tell sign. The shade of blue is key. Light colored jeans are considered the most casual and darker blue denim is the most professional and formal  (yes, there is such a thing as a formal pair of jeans).  A medium blue denim will get you through most situations.

Finally, since most companies won’t let you just show up in jeans with no shirt or shoes, what you pair with your jeans is as important as the jeans themselves. Add a tailored shirt, with or without a blazer and those jeans start to look pretty good and professional.  As for shoes,  aim for a smart walking shoe and you’ve pretty much nailed down how to wear jeans to work.

Just remember this, whether you work in a casual environment or a traditional one, the style, color and the way you wear your jeans can help you stay inside of your companies dress code and look good doing it.

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