May 27, 2011

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Mens Grooming: Learn how to Play with it

Ever wonder how some men still look great three weeks after their last haircut? Or, on the other hand, why some guys look “jacked up” the very next day?

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Recently I was a client up his style factor and suggested several barber shops in Chicago.

(For the record,  no suit, shirt or tie can overcome a bad hair style.)

Anyway, one day I was checking in on him to find out how his appointment went with the new barber I recommended. He said he really liked his hair style but he wasn’t sure how to take care of it. So I told him, the reason he couldn’t maintain his hair cut because he didn’t follow my instructions. I specifically said  … When you get home, you need to go in the bathroom and play with it.

Guys, running your hands through your new hair cut will give your “fingers” a memory of your hair style which is impossible to achieve visually. Your hands will tell you what your barber did, how it should feel, how much product he used and where he/she used it – so that you can recreate it.

Want to look better the week following your visit to the barber shop, here’s what to do:

1)      Get product recommendations. Your barber knows what they used on your noggin and they know what you need for daily care.

2)      Find out how to  use it. If you let them know early enough they can show you on the spot how to use it.

3)      Ask your stylist some maintenance questions.

4)      When you get home, immediately go into the bathroom and close the door for 30 minutes and get to know yourself a little better. It’s important to do this before you take a shower and lose the style.

5)      Own and use a hand mirror. You are only one that sees just the front, other people see your entire head!

Gentlemen, I’m sure you’ve probably wondered what we, women are doing when come home from a salon appointment and head for the bathroom. We’re in the mirror checking almost every strand of our hair so we know how to look good everyday!

Next time you get a haircut, follow these simple steps and you’re haircut will look great today, tomorrow and a few weeks after that.

So, go ahead and play with it. You have my permission.

Any other tips for maintaining your style?

  • Termina8or

    I would advise investing in a set of clippers/shears and a grooming tool so that you can trim your neckline, nose hairs, and any other hairs that you don’t want excessive hair to be such as your ears, etc.

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