Mar 12, 2011

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Is your Cologne stinking up your Image?

When it comes to your image, smelling good is just as important as looking good. But, here’s an image tip for men, its not just the amount of cologne you wear,  its also how you apply it.  And in the case of cologne a little can go a long way — and sometimes too far!


index Is your Cologne stinking up your Image? Recently, at a networking event, I hugged a gentleman that I hadn’t seen in years and he stunk me up!


Now, I’m sure that when he applied his cologne he was thinking “a little here and a there,” would boost his image factor, but it backfired.  Within seconds, his cologne rubbed off of my skin, clothes and hair. Too much cologne is a major image buster.


He wasn’t the only man wearing too much cologne, by the of the evening, I was wearing several scents, I reeked of multiple men and smelled like a cheap whore without access to a shower. Nice, Right? No!


In all fairness, sometimes, its hard to tell if you’re wearing too much cologne so here’s a couple of signs to help you figure out if your image stinks. First, a person’s eyes start to tear up around you, its too much. Second, if no one wants to talk to you or be around you for more than a minute and you know its not your breath,  you’re wearing too much cologne!


Instead of slathering it on and stinking up your image, here’s the best way to apply the right amount of cologne.


Pat don’t spray

Spray is hard to control so  spray your hand then Pat cologne on desired parts of body, like behind the ears and the back of your neck. Place that generally don’t come in contact with other people.

Keep it Light

Go easy, no more than 2 sprays at a time.  Its better to be subtle than strong and no worries, in this case smelling overly manly isn’t good for your image.

Don’t mix it with BO

The purpose of cologne is not to cover body odor so don’t put it anywhere that you know it shouldn’t go and you know what I mean. Plus, it will burn and you might get a rash!

Go Under not Over your Clothes

Apply your cologne before you get dress so its under your clothes not on top. This way the scent mixes with your body chemistry throughout the day instead of sitting on top of your clothes mixing with the smell of wool.

Adjust it before you leave the House

Take some alcohol and do a quick wipe if you applied too much.


Don’t take it personally, but many people don’t like cologne, some are allergic, some are sensitive to scents, others are just bitchy. So, what use to be image booster for men, can easily turn into an image faux pas in a lot of situations. Its better to wear cologne sparingly and remember that whatever image you leave behind is what you’ll be remember by and if you wear too much cologne – your image stinks!

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