May 3, 2011

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May is “I’m Doing it my Damn Self” Month

Today I decided to take micromanagement, entrepreneurship, and mean-o-pause to a new level. For the next thirty days I’ll be doing at least one thing that my support team does – for myself!  box May is Im Doing it my Damn Self Month Instead of my normal, send an email, wait for a response, then  check, check and double check - I figure its time to  learn how to do some stuff myself.

Today was Day One of I’m-Doing-it-my-Damn-Self-Month and my project was … Ship a box!

I’m happy to report that after starting this project hours ago, I think I did it right.

Here’s what learned: Shipping a customer order is a lot harder than shipping a Christmas gift!

9:30am Called my assistant to find out which mail service we use.

9:45am Called assistant back for the account number and asked her how she normally does it. I listened but retained nothing. It seemed kinda of boring.

10:00am Called USPS to find out how to ship a  box because I didn’t want to call my assistant back a third time.

10:10am The friendly people in customer service walked me through the shipping process. At the very end, they informed me that I would need a box. Great, I hadn’t thought that far.

10:15am Apparently, not only do you need a box, you need tape, packaging material and all those other stuff you need to make sure everything is perfectly packaged.

10:30am Drove to Staples, to pick up boxes and mailing supplies. Found out later you can get mailing supplies free at the post office.

11:30am Starting packing the boxes, then realized I sealed the boxes before knowing what goes where. Had to reopen all the boxes. Accidentally, sat on the scissors.

12:00pm Exhausted. Took a break.

1:30pm Back at it. Boxes are labeled and sealed. Went online to schedule a pick up, it was too late to schedule same day pick up so I decided to drop them off myself.

2:30pm Loaded up the car and drove to the post office, double parked and made two trips in – that’s when I found out that priority mail  boxes are free. Hmpf, they could have told me that on the phone.

3:30pm Back in the office!

Now I’m wondering what excitement  Day Two of I’m-Doing-it-My-Damn-Self-Month will bring!

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