Mar 18, 2011

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Lipstick, Lube and a Positive Attitude

Recently, I was reading a friend’s blog post, 7 Quick Ways to turn a Bad Day into a Good Day and it got me thinking about I handle bad days and the answer is with … “Lipstick and Lube!


anime girl 2 pic Lipstick,  Lube and a Positive AttitudeAs an image strategist, I have to maintain a positive attitude, its an important part of image. A positive attitude makes you look good! Not everyday will be a perfect day but you can still try to make it into one. In life, some days maintaining a positive attitude will be a  challenge, others, not so much. But people who are generally positive, find a way to make it through the day without losing their mind. I am one of those people, and I’m going to share one of my secret image tips with you—- I always carry some lipstick and some lube!


Now, I realize that most of my blog readers are male, so for you guys the lipstick, and possibly the lube, is metaphorical. The point is… Never let others dampen your positive attitude and steal your day.


I carry lipstick because its my confidence booster and security blanket.  As long as I have a little lipstick in my purse, I can pull it out and slap on a little happy and.  It’s like a image, energy and attitude boost in my pocket and more important, its something that I can control that helps me adjust my attitude and stay positive.


Then, of course, there’s the lube. The purpose of the lube is for those days when someone eff’s with your positive attitude. Instead of getting all bent out of shape,  brush it off and  think to yourself “Good thing I always carry a little lube with me!


So what’s my point? The point of this post is that you can’t control other people but you can adjust your attitude and your actions. When your positive attitude is challenged or you get  f—ked, you have to move on.  I’m not implying that you don’t handle the situation, on the contrary,  you can scream and bitch for a few minutes but them get your positive back and deal with it. My way of  handling it is to whip out my own tube of lube and say “Go ahead and try to eff-up my day– I’m ready for you, I bought my own tube of lube!”


I shared my secret to maintaining my positive attitude, will you share yours? How do you turn a bad day into a good day?

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