Jan 8, 2011

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B is for Better than You!

Most of my clients aren’t into fashion, they’re into results. They aren’t aiming to be the most fashionable or best dressed, they just want to look, feel and be better than the competition.  They know they need to outrun the next guy.

Don’t let victory go to the other guy, don’t let the other guy look Better than You!

Better than you B is for Better than You!

Resourceful people use their wardrobe and image to cut through the chase. They want to look like they are in business, mean business and ready to do business.

With that being said, remember, your image is the most powerful asset you own. It takes 30 seconds to form an impression and whatever image you project is the image that will be burned into memory.

Underestimate the importance of what you’re wearing and it’ll take a lot of work to repair it. That seems hardly worth it but it’s the price of wearing a %&% up suit, shirt, tie, bad color or a bad fit.
Do yourself a favor, ask yourself what how you want to be pictured when people think about your image standing next to your offer, product, or service. Here’s a tip – don’t you want to look better than the next guy?

Join me for the season premiere of my podcast Tailored Edges on Wednesday, January 12th at 10am CST for 5 Easy Ways to Look Better than the Competition!

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