Jul 9, 2011

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Ask Robin: To Blow or Not to Blow

A reader wants to know:  Should old school men lose the handkerchief, or only pull them out in private?

hankerchief 150x150 Ask Robin:  To Blow or Not to BlowAnswer: Thanks for the question. First, let me just say it doesn’t matter what you use, you should try to avoid blowing your nose in front and/or facing other people. 

Sneezing is natural, but for your images sake its best to blow in private. You don’t want you to be associated with flying snot particles or The Cooties. And, yes, that’s exactly what they will be thinking while you let ‘er rip.

From a business perspective, I’m concerned nobody will want to shake your hand, use your pen or touch the contract you are handing them to sign.  Now, let’s get to what you’re going to blow with.

Short and sweet:  Blow ‘er with something that’s disposable!

Seriously, no one wants to even think about you stuffing a snotty rag back in your pocket, especially if you just handed them a business card!

As an FYI, originally a hankerchief was not meant to be snot catcher. They’ve had multi meanings throughout the years ranging from a signal and eventually evolving into a fashion accessory icon smile Ask Robin:  To Blow or Not to Blow

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