Sep 7, 2011

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Workout advice for “newbies”

Ready to start exercising but don’t want to get winded during the warm up or pass out at the gym?

Funny Kitten Lifting Weights 150x150 Workout advice for newbiesHere’s my sage advice – Start with an exercise class. Picking the right exercise class is the best way to insure that you make it through the hour. Having joined the East Bank Club, I had about a hundred of exercise classes to choose from. That being said, some were great, some I couldn’t wait to end.

Learn from my mistakes and pick your exercise class wisely.

1) Carefully read the entire class description. Words like “power, pump and free weights” are not good words if you are new to exercising. Instead, look for words like “low impact, stretch and breathing.” Since you already do these things, you’re halfway there.

2) Audit the class before you commit. Luckily, at East Bank Club you can monitor most classes through a window and judge the class by who is in it. If you see elderly people, pregnant women, and floor mats, chances are its not going to be too strenuous and it’s a good choice for your first timers.

3) Pick a spot next to the door. This way if you need to bail, you don’t disrupt the entire class.  You can also discretely exercise your way closer to the door and when everyone else turns left, turn right and leave!

4)  Understand how to use the equipment. Understand how to put it on AND take it off. I spent one hour strapped to a stationary bicycle because I wanted to bail but couldn’t get my shoe out of the pedal without interrupting the class.

5) Don’t over do it. It’s important to push yourself during the exercise class but sometimes you won’t feel exactly how much you body could handle until the next day, so go easy.  Avoid pacing yourself with the instructor, she/he is a pro and don’t pace yourself with the people in the front row, they are in front for a reason. Instead, pace yourself with the people in the back of the room.

A few other noteworthy mentions include: bring a water bottle, wear the right workout gear and if you like the class get a little help after class. Ask the instructor for a few pointers so that next time your workout doesn’t end with the warm up.

What’s your advice for a workout newbie?

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