Apr 3, 2011

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How to Be Handsome

Think Jimmy Kimmel’s Handsome Men’s Club skit was funny? I thought it was funny too, but more importantly, he made a good point. There is such a thing as the Handsome Men’s Club – and you definitely want to be a member!
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When it comes to men image ans style, being handsome is only one part physical, the rest of it involves learning how to look better. Luckily the process of learning how to look better can adopted by any man who is ready to experience more opportunity and  success.

Brace yourself, the following “How to Look Better” tips require no plastic surgery just change in attitude, wardrobe and personal style.

Look Successful

Think about it… handsome people look successful, whether they are or not.  They take pride in the way they look and dress so that they project confidence. They don’t wear clothes that don’t fit, colors that look bad on them, styles that date them or anything that works against their handsomeness.

Be Consistent

Be in control of your personal image and style. Being handsome isn’t a fluke.  Take a few extra minutes everyday to make sure that you look good before you leave the house. They know that at anytime they can meet a prospect, partner or receive an invitation to something important, so they have to always be ready. You must consistency look on top of your game.

Smile like a “Mofo”

Everybody looks better smiling. The more you smile the more handsome you will look because smiling demonstrates confidence and pleasure.  People admire confidence and everyone wants to be pleasured.

Sound easy? It’s not! One of the biggest barriers to looking better is getting over yourself and what’s in your closet. I see it all the time. Its not uncommon to dress based on what’s already hanging in your closet, instead of what looks good on you. Not to mention, people change. What looked good in your thirties, might look like sh!t in your forties.

If you want to be a member of the Handsome Men’s Club, which I strongly suggest, take a few minutes everyday to  work on your personal image just as hard as you’d work on that presentation you may giving next week.

Looking good, is a daily task because once your personal image gets you into the club, you will want to stay in the club.  You’ll see that life is different (better) when you become handsome. The pay off is great and the worst that will happen is that you’ll look better than you competitors, colleagues and the next guy!

Check out the The Personal Style Blueprint, so that you can start and stay on your “looking good” journey with a little outside help.

  • http://www.seandfrancis.com Sean D. Francis

    Look successful?  Yes, surface is more important than depth.

  • Robin

    Come on Sean, be fair! Not more important, but definitely important. When was the last time you bought a book with a crappy cover.

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