Mar 16, 2011

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Podcast: Dress for Success tips for the Unemployed

How do you Dress for Success when you’re Unemployed? It starts by maintaining an personal image that makes you look  Employable!


Granted Dress for Success is easier when you have a job, but for those of you making career changes or looking for a job you still need to look ready, on top of your game and employable.

Think of your everyday attire as pre-interview clothes.

83608088 225x300 Podcast: Dress for Success tips for the Unemployed In this episode of Tailored Edges Robin  shares personal image strategies and men image and style tips on how to dress for success when you’re looking for a job.

Well dressed people attract opportunity.

Find out what to wear to get a job interview and how to use your image to look capable and current every time you leave the house.

Listen to Tailored Edges and incorporate a few of these personal image strategies to attract employment opportunities.

Click to listen to Dress for Success for the Unemployed

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