Mar 30, 2011

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3 Button Suits: Stick it in the Right Hole!

Buttoning a suit jacket should be easy, right?  There’s a button, you close it.  So, it might surprise you that some of you guys are STICKING it in the WRONG HOLE!

How to Button a Suit 3 Button Suits: Stick it in the Right Hole!Unlike shirt buttons, when it comes to a suit jacket, you don’t start at the bottom and button up.

To button a three button suit, the rule is simple:  Think Sometimes, Always, Never.

  • If you’re wearing a 3 button suit, start at the top button and say “Sometimes, Always and Never.”  The middle button is always closed, the top one ONLY if it looks good on you.
  • If you’re wearing a 2 button suit, start at top button and say “Always, Never.” The first button is always closed.
  • If you’re wearing a 1 button suit – Button it.

Why is this important? Because certain buttons effect the shape of the suit jacket and closing the last button seriously alters the silhouette of the suit and the same can happen when you close the top button of a three button suit.

FYI:  Double breasted jackets are always worn with the first 2 buttons closed otherwise, it’s not a jacket, it’s a cape.

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