May 25, 2011

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Mens Hair: How old is that Bush?

I hate playing the age game.  You know… the one when someone says “Guess how old I am?”

donald trump bad hair day 150x150 Mens Hair: How old is that Bush?Well Wtf, I guessed wrong but in my defense,  his hair style added 10 years to his face!

You know what I mean, you’ve probably seen him … over dyed so that it has a yellow tinge or he’s been wearing the same mens hair style since college because someone said it looked good on him 30 years ago.

I call this the “I can’t let go” hairstyle. Its a tell tale sign that you’re stuck. I see you, you see it, his barber sees it,  unfortunately he doesn’t see it.

Just know that when it comes to mens hair styles, the style you choose is one of the first tell tale signs of age!

Bad hair styles happen to the best of men. You guys look at yourselves everyday and get use to things being a certain way.  But word to the wise, that doesn’t always mean that its good for you.

A man’s hairstyle needs to change every couple of years to stay current.

Sometimes it may be the cut, sometimes it may be the color, sometimes its to adjust for fading features like eyebrows going gray. (not trying to be mean, but its gonna happen)

Little changes can make a big difference and shed years off your face.

A seasoned mens hair stylist once told me that the secret for taking years off your age is to start cutting it close, especially, when it starts to gray and you’re not ready or willing to dye. In other words… the older we get, the more bush we need to whack to maintain our youthful appearance!

Aside from the obvious, like people telling you your hair is outdated, here a couple of ways for you to decide if it’s time to update your hairstyle.

1) You know you haven’t changed your hair style in 3 years.

2) Your body and/or other features have changed.

3) You’re bored with what YOU see  in the mirror.

Image Tip: Change isn’t easy, find a barber you trust and go for it. Yes, it will be traumatic at first, but you’ll get over it after you get your first compliment.

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    Change defiantly isnt easy, but keeping your hair style fresh is a must! Nice article :)


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