May 12, 2011

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WTF! You’re an Image Consultant?

Recently, one of my twitter followers freaked out over something I posted on twitter and sent me a direct message asking “How can you say that, What kind of Image Consultant are You?”


It could have been my creative cursing that threw him off, who knows, but it was a good question and it did trigger this thought … B!tch Pleeze, is all ice cream vanilla?

vanilla WTF! Youre an Image Consultant?

Just imagine a world where everything and everybody was the same, pretty twucked up, right?


But before you all think I’m completely insane, check out this article called the Principles of Good Packaging featuring yours truly!


Here’s my thoughts on image and style …even within your profession, you should aim to be more than vanilla, otherwise, what separates you from the next guy. It may involve a leap of faith, but if you are good at what you do, trust that not being vanilla has a pay day!


Now, back to me! In some people’s mind, an image consultant is someone who tells them wear a navy suit, try to blend in and make sure you don’t have sh!t on your face. Uh, sorry, not that type over in these parts! Over here, we get ‘er done!


Of course, I’d tell you if you have sh!t on your face, but that’s not why my clients hire me. They hire me not to judge, and not to be vanilla but to help them reach their goals – whatever the goal may be.


I know that may sound like a lame answer but the question itself was lame. Not everyone likes vanilla and for some people, it hurts their image more to be vanilla.


Personally, I think I wouldn’t have any clients if I was vanilla. So for the record, here’s the kind of image consultant I am:


In between playing hard, creatively cursing and occasionally partaking in the drink, I’m the kind of image strategist that doesn’t f**k around, the kind of image consultant who tells Oprah’s producers to make sure the bottom of her shoes are scuffed up when she talks about sensitive subjects and world disaster so she’s not sitting there in brand new pair of five hundred dollar shoes! I’m the kind image consultant that spends an hour in the bathroom mirror helping one of my White House clients, learn how tie a knot that is more flattering to his face so when he’s on television, he doesn’t look cockeyed. And one of my personal favorites, I’m the kind of image consultant who practices tough love by advising a client on why he’s not getting any action on the dance floor.


Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with vanilla, but I’ll let someone else lick that, my clients and I are going for the kill.


So What kind of [blank] are you? Are you vanilla?


Image Tip: Be you! Don’t try to fit into a cookie cutter formula, create a class of your own. As long as there are enough people in that space to make a living, you’ll be fine.

  • FirehouseMike

    Good Job… I’m sure I shock some of my followers as well with some of my humor & fringe of “Normal Society” people I call friends… I’m all over the board truly like all the people I choose to follow.

  • Robin

    LOL And that’s exactly why I follow you on twitter.

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