Mar 21, 2011

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The Basic Rules of Mens Style (Part 1)

Ever wonder why some men look better in their clothes than others? Wonder no more, I’ll tell you. Some men know the basic rules of fashion use this information to look better in their clothes. Fortunately, there’s no lock down on style – so anyone can look better in their clothes – including you!


While style is personal thing, the rules of mens fashion exist for a reason. And any man who wants to project a professional, personal image needs to know, how his clothes should fit!


Professionally, a man’s personal image is his tied to his personal style. So here’s  a few fashion tips for men who are starting out or need a refresher on how on to maintain a professional image by honing their personal image and style.

well dressed 300x217 The Basic Rules of Mens Style (Part 1)


Here are the Basic Rules of Mens Fashion that you cannot ignore:

  • The back of your jacket collar should hug – not choke or hang from – the back of the neck
  • Your suit or jacket should fit perfectly across your chest
  • Your shirt collar should rise above the back of your jacket
  • Wear a shirt collar that suits our body and face shape
  • Jacket lapels should lay flat against your chest
  • Shirt cuffs peek out from under your jacket sleeves about 1 1/2 to 2 inches
  • Your shirt fits, its clean, crisp and fresh looking
  • The knot of your tie fits the shape of your face and your collar
  • Your “Vital V” the area wear your shirt, suit and tie come together to frame your face area is perfectly suited to your body type.
  • Jacket can close without straining
  • The bottom button of your jacket is always unbuttoned (unless its a one button jacket)
  • Jacket length falls right below your seat
  • Trousers are tailored, crisp and creased
  • Pants are the right length with a slight fold on top of your shoe
  • Shoes are dark, polished and repaired!


Granted, these are the basics and they may sound obvious but you’d be surprised at how many people forget to take care of the obvious and just focus on getting dressed and out the door.


One of the keys to being well dressed is to first “Know the Rules” before you attempt to break them, so read this post a few times to make sure you’re following the rules.

And don’t forget, if you have a question, just ask! Robin @

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