Feb 2, 2011

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Don’t be a Man B!tch

I can’t believe I said it but I did!  After an hour of counseling a new client about wearing clothes that undermine an executive image,  I gave up!  I thought “Fine, be the office Man Bitch!”

manbitch31 300x165 Dont be a Man B!tch

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Actually, what  I said  was “just because you ‘like’ something doesn’t mean its good for you and if continue to ignore the protocol of executive presence you will soon be treated like the office Man Bitch!”

So, its fair to say that I’m not hired for my bedside manner. But executive presence is more than throwing on a suit and tie and showing up – You have to look good in your clothes!  Nobody wants to follow (or trust) the man that looks out of touch. It’s also fair to say that if you dress like a Man Bitch, act like a Man Bitch … you’re gonna be treated like a Man Bitch. And that’s exactly what was happening at his company.  Attorney or not, it didn’t matter, he was being treated like a Man Bitch. We solved the problem but it did inspire this post: Executive Presence or Man Bitch?

So, what is a  Man Bitch?

  • A Man Bitch is the guy who looks like he’s out touch with reality. At first glance, he even looks like stuck in a time warp, shirts too big, pants too short and he makes a sloppy first impression. He’s also very talented and knowledgeable, but he thinks that how he looks doesn’t matter because his work is good, so he doesn’t try.
  • A Man Bitch is usually appreciated at work, unfortunately, nobody wants to be around him because he looks like a bum and coworkers are embarrassed by him. He’s usually stowed away in the back office and gets the crap that no one else wants to do. Oh yeah, he’s never invited but he always shows up, casually dressed!

  • A Man Bitch is the guy who gets the sh!tty end of the stick. Man Bitches can have six figure incomes but they get the lowest raise, if any at all. They think that everyone got a 2% raise so they don’t complain. Even if they complained, no one would listen because his presence doesn’t command respect.

Does any of this sounds familiar? Most offices have a least one Man Bitch.  Help him out, print this post on his chair. A Man Bitch doesn’t know he’s the Man Bitch because no one tells him, he just knows that something isn’t right but can’t figure it out on his own. Do him a favor!  Give him a clue!

On a more positive note,  his affliction can be solved, its not a permanent condition.  It’s a matter up updating his image, style and acquiring a few new social skills to enhance his presence and image around the office (and possibly even at home.)

If you know someone who suffers from this affliction, I can help.  Seriously, give them post.

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