Jan 17, 2011

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Dress for Success: C is for Credibility

Sure, credibility comes from what you say and do but it also comes from what you wear – and it helps to be dressed for success.

Cred 197x300 Dress for Success: C is for Credibility

Ask any experienced public speaker or successful salesman. We’ll both tell you that last thing you want to do is a deliver speech or sales presentation wearing a mixed message!

In short, you only have a few seconds to make your first impression. Asking your prospects or audience  “overlook” your clothing choices is for amateurs and its a big  waste of time.

Here’s a few tips to make sure you’re dressed for success and delivering the right message… in the right clothes!

1)  Dress Up. When it comes to speaking in front of a group all eyes are on you. It might be tempting to try to blend in, but avoid blending in too much. Dress one to two steps up from your audience. You want them to relate to you but you also need to look credible and successful at whatever it is  that you do. Note, credibility doesn’t always come from a suit but sure as sh!t you need to start off in a at least a blazer or sport jacket!

2)  Dress your Message. Think about the “deeper” message that you want to convey and dress in way that supports it. For example, would you trust someone in a shirt that doesn’t fit or who is wearing a tie that too short? Its difficult to buy into someone who claims to be  “detailed oriented” wearing something that doesn’t fit, clashes or looks neglected.

3)  Road test your clothes. Try giving your opening speech in a full length mirror.  Most new speakers practice their speech in a bathroom mirror forgetting that their audience sees all of them, not half of them. If anything takes away from your message, take that sh!t off or change it.

Just remember you only get one chance to make a first impression. Be dressed for success and show credibility through style.

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