May 18, 2011

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Podcast: How to be a DILF, Dad I’d like to blank

Lately I’ve been working with quite a few divorced dads interested in kicking it up a notch and start dating in Chicago. Its interesting because there are a lot of place to meet women in Chicago but you gotta look doable!Show Logo 150x150 Podcast: How to be a DILF, Dad Id like to blank

From where I’m sitting divorced dads should embrace fatherhood and their divorcity because a lot of women are attracted to divorced dads. It’s a sign that you’re not afraid of commitment.

This was the inspiration behind this weeks 15 minute image quickie.

Podcast Title:  How to be a DILF or a DAD I’d like to …

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Listen to the podcast and here is the least you need to know.

    * Look “doable” by being squeaky clean.  Women like clean.

    * Women also like divorced men, just avoid talking about your ex-wife, nothing good can come from it.

    * To meet women, you have to attract them to you.  Meeting women in Chicago is easier than you think, if you’re dressing to attract them, they will find you.

    * Whether you choose to go with a dating service in Chicago, online or wherever, eventually you’re going to need to wear clothes that look good on you. The idea is to look healthy, interesting and doable.

    Here’s a couple of  basics I talk about in the podcast that you want to keep in your closet for date night.

    * A few tailored shirts, not dress shirts that you wear to the office but something with color and pattern in them. The better they fit, the better you look.

    * A couple of polo shirts. You’re always going to look better in a collar, make sure you wear one when you meet women for the first time.

    * A pair of medium colored blue jeans and not the ones you wash the car it.  A pair of date night jeans.

    * Kick ass leathers, that’s shoes, belt, watch and wallet.

    * Your lifeline… a Jacket and not that ugly navy blue jacket reserved for 80 year olds, something hip, cool with a subtle pattern in a basic color that will work with EVERYTHING you own.

    Image Tip: Don’t cheap out, invest in these basics.  If you’re trying to meet women in Chicago or or using a dating service, consider your wardrobe your armor and put some money into it.

    Ta-dah! There your go. Now go out there, there’s plenty of opportunities to meet women in Chicago  and attract them your way.

    May the force be with you!  Call me if you need a little push!

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