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Podcast: How to be a DILF, Dad I’d like to blank

Lately I’ve been working with quite a few divorced dads interested in kicking it up a notch and start dating in Chicago. Its interesting because there are a lot of place to meet women in Chicago but you gotta look doable! From where I’m sitting divorced dads should embrace fatherhood and their divorcity because a… Read more »

Podcast: Golf Etiquette

If you’re new to golf, you definitely want to listen to Image and Etiquette tips from our  Chicago Golf  Expert Joe Bosco of Podcast Title:  Image and Etiquette Tips for New Golfers Show Notes: The  3 most important golf etiquette tips for new golfers. What you need to wear and avoid on the golf… Read more »

Podcast: The Well Hung Tie

When it comes to men’s ties, anyone can strap one one, but not everyone can wear a tie well! In this episode of Tailored Edges Robin talks about skinny ties, wide ties and long ties.   Find out if you’re wearing your tie too long, too short or hitting it just right! Episode #94  Men’s Ties:… Read more »

Podcast: Style Tips for Short Men

Its hard to find the right clothes when you’re a short man standing around five feet tall, but size doesn’t have to be a barrier to style. In typical Robin fashion, she shares fashion tips for short men on what to do to look taller and have people look up to you! Episode #93: The… Read more »

Podcast: Dress for Success tips for the Unemployed

How do you Dress for Success when you’re Unemployed? It starts by maintaining an personal image that makes you look  Employable!   Granted Dress for Success is easier when you have a job, but for those of you making career changes or looking for a job you still need to look ready, on top of… Read more »