Mar 29, 2011

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S’not Etiquette: How to Blow in Style

Some things are just gross but with allergy season coming up, when you gotta blow – you gotta blow! The key is to blow your nose discretely and not gross everyone out.

Blowing Nose1 Snot Etiquette: How to Blow in Style

Many people have allergies but the cause doesn’t really matter, the sharing of any unrequested bodily fluids is gross.  So here’s some tips for blowing your nose in public, I call it S’not Etiquette:

1) Turn your Head. You’re not a statute, turn your head or get up and move!  Don’t try to continue a conversation and snot at the same time.  Say “excuse me” and turn your head to the side and handle your business.

2)  Be Gentle. Avoid blowing your nose like a horn. The sound will attract unwanted attention. If you need to do more than a gentle blow, save you image by going  to a private area away from others.

3) Do a Booger Check. As soon as you can, get up and check yourself for residual particles. Most people are too embarrassed to tell you “there’s something on your face,” they’ll just end the conversation and talk about you later.

4) Don’t Shake Hands. After you blow – or sneeze- please don’t try to shake hands with anyone. You don’t want the image of a guy nobody wants to touch.

5) Never use a Clothe Napkin. When dining, avoid blowing your nose in a cloth napkin AND at a table.  It’s gross, unsanitary and will wreck your image and everybody’s meal.

Finally,  if you know you have allergies, there’s no excuse for not carrying tissue with you. Protect your image by carrying tissue, the one little piece of paper that you can’t afford to be without.

  • Noel

    Robin, I can’t believe you didn’t make S’not Etiquette rule #1: Never, ever, ever blow your nose when other people around you are eating!!! Get up and go to the restroom like a civilized person!

  • Robin

    Good point Noel! Snotting at the table is a great way to wreck a meal!

  • Andrew Rondeau


    I could never blow my nose in front of others. I have to do it in private!


    “Nose Blowers do it in Private”

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