Jan 1, 2011

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A Conversation with my Blog

Robin: Hi Blog!

Blog: Don’t ‘Hi Blog’ me!  Where have you been?

Robin: Well that’s sort of the problem, I’ve been all over the place.

Blog: And?

Robin: And I’m sorry, I miss you.

Blog: Miss me! You abandoned me and now I’m just suppose to take you back… just like that?

Robin: Abandon is a strong word, but yes, I’d like you to take me back.

Blog: Maybe, but you need to write on me more often. Do that and I’ll take you back.

Robin: Done. I’ll write at least one post a week. Do pictures count?

Blog: Don’t be a smartass, you’re already on thin ice!  Welcome back. Don’t abandon me again. Next time I won’t be so nice.

Robin: Thank you. Happy New Year Blog:)

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